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Weblisher’s predecessor was the Taiwanese branch of Asiacontent.com and Double Click. Since 1999, we have operated about 10,000 digital marketing cases.There is nothing better than our clients’ feedbacks about our professional services.

According to current digital marketing trends, Weblisher also put heart and soul into relevant technology development. We hope our service can help your brand reach the cutting edge of digital trends, and sail towards the blue ocean of the Internet.

We believe our capabilities can provide you with holistic marketing solutions. We will bring the most beneficial marketing performance and promotion value of your brand.

【Google】Providing holistic marketing solutions to meet all your need.

In this digital era, video drives your brand more powerfully. YouTube and Google Video Network(GVN) integrate multi-device video platforms, and enable reaching 99% of the OTV audience in Taiwan.

【Google Display Network】
Google technology supports your brands to advertise with various ads formats, such as, responsive ads, image ads, video ads, and Gmail ads. Your needs and problems will be solved.

【Google Search】
Gathering all your consumers’ needs, and precisely reaching your target audience.
Moreover, the best ad position of search results page could gain 10 times more traffic for brand websites than before.

【Google Mobile】
Mobile is the fast-growing technology. If your brand did not update service to mobile-friendly, you might lose golden business opportunities. Additionally, Google My Business and Google Map guide consumers to your store when they need related services.

【Yahoo!】 The best team for wining consumers’ mind.

【Native Advertising】
Native Advertising is a type of disguised advertising, which seamlessly matches the form and function of the platform upon appearing.Without interfering with user experience, Native ads design to seamlessly integrate into a user’s feed and be nearly indistinguishable from organic content. Native advertising also improves consumer retention by updating advertising materials.

【Search Advertising】
Search advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on web pages that show results from search engine queries. When consumers search for goods or services they need, search advertising will increase the opportunity of your products to be seen.

【Facebook】The most popular social network sites of the world.

【Facebook connects to the world】
It is the biggest social network site with over 3 billion users around the world. Users of Facebook cover a wide range of age groups. Through photo-sharing and idea-sharing on Facebook and Instagram, brands gain precise opportunities to communicate with consumers and create profound connections between each other. As their unique media features, brands gather abundant followers as their target audience for further promotion.

【Facebook Advantages】
Facebook understands the active users’ behaviors and connections. These databases contribute to Facebook ads to promote brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty. Facebook acknowledges target audiences’ needs and preferences, as a result, brands will receive extraordinary benefits and outcomes from Facebook ads.

Weblisher Beliefs

We care brands’ long-term vision as much as every brand does.
Moreover, we promise our team will follow Weblisher initial intention on ensuring brand profit maximization for clients.

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